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Mundelein IL 60060, United States
Point of Contact: Heather 
How much is Heather looking to pay in rent?: $700
Heather is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Heather smoke: No
Does Heather need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Heather have a pet?: No

Searching for a room to rent on behalf of my (male) fiance and myself! Both professional, quiet, and mature. (: Looking to rent in Libertyville/Vernon Hills/Mundelein!
Additional Information
Hello! My name is Heather and I am posting on behalf of myself and my (male) fiancé. We're currently looking for a room to rent for long term (1 year to 2) in the Mundelein/Libertyville/Vernon Hills area.

We have steady income, are clean and quiet. We are night owls, but can accommodate should you work an opposite schedule of us. We are low-key and friendly too! :)

We are looking to pay no more than 700$ a month and would prefer that to include any utilities!

The ideal room to rent would include:

-In-unit/house laundry
-Private Bath (though not strictly necessary!)
-Kitchen/Living-room/Etc privileges
-A rentee who is queer and PoC (person of colour) friendly! If you don't like minorities or gay people, we are not the couple to rent to! :)
-A written lease agreement of some kind-to protect you and us! (also not strictly necessary, depending on the situation!)

If you are interested in making an offer, PLEASE include as much info about the room, the location, expenses (security deposit? rent a month? etc), other tenants, who YOU are, etc. as possible.

In return we would be happy to tell you about us if we're interested and provide references if you so desire.

If you'd like to have a chat or ask more questions, please shoot me a message! I am up all hours of the night, and I will respond to you as quickly as possible!

Thank you so much for your time, and we hope to speak with you soon!

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